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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pet Sitting Questions

Cat and dog sitter Plymouth, Manomet, Pine Hills, MA

How long are your visits?

Most visits are normally 30 minutes. You can request longer visits if needed

I have a house full of pets, how much is it per pet?

  • It’s the same price for one as it is for 5 pets
  • We charge by time. We may require longer visits to take care of multiple pets

When is your first and last visit during the day?

  • Our first visit is anywhere from 6am to 9am
  • Our last visit is from 7pm to 9pm
  • We are flexible though, within reason

Can you get our mail and water plants while we are gone?

  • Absolutely if the mailbox is nearby
  • Plants: we will water, but they aren’t our forte so we aren’t responsible for their well being

Do you take trash out to the curb on trash day?

Yes we can do that, just let us know what day it is

Will anyone else be coming into my home?

No, only Just Around The Corner employees are allowed in your home

What if we run out of food or supplies while we are gone?

  • Just let us know what we can grab for them and we will buy it
  • You will be charged for the cost of the supplies and our time

We have a cleaning service come twice a month, is this a problem if they are there when you are there?

  • Normally it is not a problem but we need to know ahead of time so we aren’t spooked if someone is in your home
  • If we aren’t made aware that someone will be there ahead of time we don’t come in (for the safety of our staff)

My neighbors are going to help us in the mornings so we just need you to come over in the afternoons and evenings, how does that work?

  • Unfortunately, we can not co-share any pet sitting jobs with family, neighbors or friends
  • Our insurance company has strict policies against this

We will be out of the country, what happens if there is an emergency?

  • An emergency contact must be supplied in Time to Pet before we start services
  • The emergency contact will be the one that will make any major decisions on your behalf if we can’t reach you

Can you walk my dog too?

Absolutely, dog walks are part of the pet sitting service

Our dogs have a doggie door so I only need one visit a day to check on them, is that okay?

  • We are not liable for dogs who have access to the outside while under our care
  • We require a minimum of 3 visits per day for dogs

Our cats are very independent and we only need you to come over every other day, how does that work?

Sorry, we have a daily cat sitting policy in place for the best interest of your kitty cat

My cat (or dog) are outside pets, can you just check on them once a day?

  • We can not accept pet sitting jobs where pets are left outside 24/7 for 2 reasons:
    • #1. Our insurance does not want that liability and neither do we
    • #2. To be honest we don’t believe fur kids should live outside.

Do you charge extra for administering medication?

No, medication is part of the pet sitting rate.

My dog needs someone to snuggle with at night, can you spend the night? If so, how long do you stay at our house?

  • If your pup has special needs give us a call and we can see what we can do!
  • It is our goal to give you “Peace of Mind” while you are away. We can come up with a plan that best fits your needs.

Dog Walking Questions

dog walker Cedarville, Buzzards Bay, Sagamore Beach, & Kingston, MA

How long will you walk my dog for?

  • Usually, our visits are about 25 to 30 minutes over the lunch hour
  • You can request longer walks such as 45 minutes and 60 minutes
  • We can customize the walk to your dog’s needs

What if I have to cancel a dog walk?

  • So the Dog Walker can plan their day we appreciate it if you notify us by 8:00 AM if you need to cancel
  • As long as we aren’t on our way or at your home you will not be charged

How do I know if my dog will be safe with Just Around The Corner?

  • We are extremely cautious and try to be as proactive as we can
  • We have a checklist that we follow at each visit to make sure we are following all company policies
  • We would absolutely 100% feel terrible and probably have to close up shop if something should ever happen to one of our hounds

Why do you need a key?

Garage codes are great but there has been an occasion or two where the power went out or the battery went dead and we couldn’t get in to walk, leaving us with the dreaded dog guilt and unhappy hound

Do you pick up my dog’s poop? If so where do you put it?

  • Yes we pick up #2’s (a lot of #2’s in fact)
  • If we can find a park garbage can to dump it in we will do that
  • Otherwise, we will leave it where you tell us to

Where Do You Keep My Key?

Keys while walking and pet sitting are kept on our bodies

What if I don’t want my dog walked but just let out to potty? Is it the same price?

  • Yes it is the same price as a dog walk
  • We can play fetch in the backyard
  • Chill out inside or whatever your dog prefers to do

Do you walk in the winter? What if it’s too cold outside?

  • Yes we walk throughout the cold winter months
  • If the wind chills are in the below teens we will keep our walks to a brief potty break with playtime inside
  • For smaller pups, we limit their exposure to the elements if they are uncomfortable
  • Usually the mid-sized to big hounds LOVE walking in the winter

What about the summer months? My dog hates the heat!

  • The heat actually is harder on most dogs then the cold
  • We will limit our walks in hot temperatures to 15 minutes or so
  • We walk in the shade as much as possible
  • Carry a water bottle for the pups too

What about if it’s raining, do you walk my dog then?

  • Yes we will walk in the rain
  • An exception would be if there was lightning or a downpour
  • Most dogs don’t like being wet but we try to get them out there
  • We will have a towel with us to wipe bellies and paws
  • We would appreciate if you would have a spare towel for us as well

Can I schedule a dog walk at night or on the weekends?

We can walk your dog on the weekends or at night

Will my dog(s) be the only dog walked or do you walk with other dogs?

  • Yes, your dog will be the only one on their walk
  • We do not do pack walking

Where is your service area for dog walking?

  • Plymouth
  • Pine Hills
  • Manomet
  • Cedarville
  • Sagamore Beach
  • Buzzards Bay

Have you ever lost a dog before?

  • Goodness no (knock on wood 100x’s)
  • That would be the worst feeling in the world
  • We do everything we can at all times to prevent losing a hound

What happens if a dog is loose while you are out walking my dog?

  • This has happened a lot unfortunately
  • We all carry a deterrent spray on us to hopefully prevent a dog from attacking us
  • If we can pick a dog up we will
  • We also all have a dog behavior manual that everyone must read that explains what to do in these types of situations

Are you insured and bonded? How long have you been doing this?

  • Yes Just Around The Corner is fully insured through and we are also bonded
  • We have been in business since 2008

Will you run with my dog or just walk?

We can power walk your dog but currently, we do not offer dog running (unless someone is chasing us with a knife, then we will run for sure!

How many walkers will have access to my house?

  • We like to have at least 2 dog walkers per client
  • It’s important to have a backup in place if a walker can’t make it

Can you text or email me after each walk?

  • Clients receive messages from their dog walker through the Time to Pet mobile app at the end of each visit.