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  • Entries Open April 22nd-May 6th
  • Three Rounds of Voting (Initial Round, Top 25, & Top 10)
  • Round ONE Voting: 5/13-5/17
  • Round TWO Voting: 5/20-5/24
  • Round THREE Voting: 5/27-5/31
  • TOP THREE attend Bark in the Park 6/8/2024 for the final public judging by a local panel of judges. At this time the winning order will be announced and a Crowning Ceremony will take place. Top 3 dogs must attend Bark in the Park 2024 hosted by the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce. 
Tim, AHH 2023

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What is America’s Hometown Hound? ❤️🐾💙
America’s Hometown Hound is a local competition in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, hosted by Just Around the Corner Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. The contest crowns one pup as America’s Hometown Hound at the hugely popular Annual Bark in the Park event which will take place this year on June 8th, 2024. The winner of AHH represents America’s Hometown at various events & appearances throughout the year as well as showing local support in multiple ways such as charity fundraisers, shopping small business, and being an active member of the community through dog-friendly opportunities.


Click on the link to see all our contestants for 2024 – Vote every day for your favorite(s)!!


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Links to Resources (click below):

Chamber of Commerce website

AHH Facebook page

From the America’s Hometown Hound Archive:

From the America’s Hometown Hound Archive:

Meet Pam Ranheim

Owner of Just Around the Corner,

Contest MasterMind!


America’s Hometown Hound 2022

Otis, America's Hometown Hound 2022
Tim, America's Hometown Hound 2023
1st place Charlie German shepherd

Charlie Brown

The Original

America’s Hometown Hound