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Dog Hiking

Creating happy, well-socialized and tired pups is a goal of Just Around the Corner dog hiking. We create small groups of up to 6 dogs who spend time together week after week. The dogs are picked up, driven to the hiking location, hiked for one hour, and driven home again. Dogs who hike look forward to their time – most of them are waiting at the door when the Dog Hiker arrives, because they know the schedule.

Group Hikes are a great way to satisfy your dog’s many needs:

  • Hikes break up long days
  • They provide necessary exercise and socialization
  • Hiking stimulates your dog’s active mind
  • A hike will keep your dog happy and healthy!

Features of this Service

  • We will pick up your dog and return him/her to home.
  • Hikes will last 1 hour; dog will be away 2-3 hours depending on location.
  • Each pack will consist of 3-6 dogs.  JAC will determine which dogs will work best with each pack based on a number of factors.
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Dog Hiking

Additional fees may apply, including potentially

  • Mileage fee
  • Last Minute Request fee ($10 per visit requested within 48 hours)
  • Holiday fee ($15 per visit)