Life is certainly different these days and our furry companions have been there for us every step of the way. What would we do without them?! With everything that is on your plate let Just Around the Corner ensure your dog gets the exercise, socialization, and enjoyment they deserve through our group dog hiking program. Whether you are working from home, hitting the office, navigating the wild world of virtual schooling, or some combination of these you can take “exercise and socialize the dog” off your to-do list. Instead enjoy your happy, tuckered out, pup without ever leaving the house.

Four reasons to enroll your dog in a hiking program

1. Exercise

Our group hiking program is an hour-long hike spent fully committed to exploring the beautiful trails Plymouth, Ma has to offer. (learn more about trails in Plymouth in our blogs about hiking trails here and here) Keeping a steady pace is sure to give your dog the exercise they long for. The dogs experience both physical and mental exertion from the endless new scents to the ever-changing terrain. Exercise is a crucial component to any dog’s life no matter their age and can even increase their life span. These are just a few of the jaw dropping benefits of exercise.

Benefits of exercise

  • Positive for overall health
  • Reduce the risks of heart disease, nasty infections, and even depression
  • Keep obesity at bay
  • Stimulate healthy joints, for ultimately fewer visits to the vet
  • Improve behavioral problems
  • Lessen chewing and other “bored” behaviors
  • Build confidence
Group of 4 dogs out for a hike with JAC dog walker in Plymouth, MA

Group of 4 dogs out for a hike with JAC dog walker in Plymouth, MA

2. Socialization

Socialization is a wonderful way to build your dog’s confidence. Meeting a new person and building trust with them will expand your dog’s “social circle” which lessens fears and apprehension they may be carrying. Likewise, while hiking they will meet the other dogs in their group allowing them to hang out and play in ways that might not be appropriate at home. Once they have been matched with a group of dogs this will become their “hiking family” week after week. This can help to lessen the alpha dog mentality they may have, making them a happier more well-rounded pup.

3. Car Ride

Is anyone else’s dog OBSESSED with riding in the car? For many of our furry friends the car ride to and from their daily hike is the best part of the group hiking experience. The journey to pick up each of their four-legged pals is like Christmas morning! “Who will we pick up next and where will we go?”, they wonder! The excitement builds until everyone has been picked up and they head to their trail of the day. Imagine your dog feeling so fancy as they are chauffeured around town before landing at the trail of their doggy dreams. Then they hit the ground running with a few of their closest friends! Sounds like doggy heaven to us. We end the hike, of course, with a car ride to return the dogs home safe, sound, and ready for a nap!

JAC mascot, Quinn, ready for his first group dog hike in Plymouth, MA

JAC mascot, Quinn, ready for his first group dog hike in Plymouth, MA

4. Time Saver

Are you managing working from home, visits to the office, and remote learning, never mind the duties that come along with running a household and keeping everyone under your roof happy and healthy? There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to give the family dog the exercise and socialization outside of the home they deserve. JAC is here to ease the stress of one more thing on your to-do list. Enjoy the happy, tuckered out, post-hike pup and the peace of mind of knowing your dog received the exercise they needed without the stress of squeezing it in.

How the JAC Hiking Program Works

All hiking groups are not the same, and each one has its own way to enroll a new dog. Just Around the Corner takes extreme care and attention to match each of our clients with the perfect group for their dog. These are the 5 simple steps you can expect in our enrolling process:

  1. Phone Intake: Discuss your dog, their characteristics, temperament, and other prequalifying questions.
  2. Meet & Greet For new clients and clients who will need to meet a new Dog Hiker.
  3. Schedule 2-3 one hour long solo walks with the hiker only.
  4. Match with the group that best works for your dog’s temperament and physical ability.
  5. Start your dog’s group hiking. Enroll 1-5 days a week based on your preference, same days each week.

*Due to COVID-19 we are currently keeping the groups small,  2-3 dogs per group

JAC employee with a dog hiking group in Plymouth, MA

JAC employee with a dog hiking group in Plymouth, MA

Ready to sign your dog up for hiking?

Does hiking sounds like it would ease some of the stress of your daily life while making a positive and healthy choice for your pup? Could your dog use more exercise daily/weekly? If your dog exhibits the following traits group hiking might be just the thing for your them:

  • Leash trained
  • Friendly with other dogs
  • Free of any significant health risks
  • Rides in the car with ease

If you are ready for  your dog to experience the exercise and socialization they desire while saving time, then it is time to enroll your four legged friend. Call 508-245-1389 to start your dog’s group hiking intake today!

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