JAC’s Local Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

JAC’s Local Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

We all have those friends or family members that are just as obsessed with their pets as we are, right? For the pet lovers in your life we have put together 10 gifts that will support small businesses local to Plymouth, MA and have you nailing the gift giving game for all your pet obsessed friends! Something local? Check. Something useful? Check. Something beautiful? Check. Something funny? Check. Something heartfelt? Check, CHECK! Without further ado here is JAC’s 2020 Gift Guide for Pet Lovers.

Doggspot blanket from Doggspot Designs of Plymouth, MA

Doggspot blanket from Doggspot Designs

1.      Doggspot Blanket from Doggspot Designs

Doggspot Designs creates fashions for your dog right here in Plymouth, including this blanket that every dog (and even cat) owner should have at least 1 of! Doggspot blankets are both stylish and multifunctional. Cover any piece of furniture (various sizes available) with these washable coverings meant to protect your beautiful decor while providing a cozy spot for you and your pet. Whether you need something to wrap up in or are tired of cleaning pet hair off your couch 24/7 (who’s with me?!) Doggspots offers both! One side is cozy and soft for snuggling, the other is a durable and pet mess resistant material with a chic pattern. The best part is they wash super easy and remain intact. Don’t miss out on giving the ultimate pet lover’s gift this holiday season, give a Doggspot blanket! SHOP ONLINE HERE

Pet Friendly CBD products from Green Apothecary in Manomet, MA.

Pet Friendly CBD products from Green Apothecary

2.      CBD oils and treats from Green Apothecary

As a pet owner myself one of the most important things to me is making sure my Lola Bear is happy and healthy. This means both mentally and physically. Pets experience anxiety, aches, and pains just like we do. The growing market of CBD oils and infused treats have been a gift in and of themselves to the pet community. From stress of firework explosions to chronic hip pain CBD products help to ease both pain and anxiety in our fur babies. Green Apothecary is a licensed retail store with a wealth of knowledge on these products, their benefits, and what you can expect from them. Consider gifting out of the box for those pet lovers whose fur babies may be needing something a little different this year. Learn more here.

Just Around the Corner Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Gift Certificate

Just Around the Corner Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Gift Certificate

3.      Just Around the Corner Gift Certificate

Having reliable pet care is an essential part of being a pet owner. Putting our fur baby in the care of someone else is a BIG deal whether for an afternoon dog walk or a week of visits while away. Just Around the Corner has been in business for over 12 years providing the highest level of quality pet care the South Shore has to offer, 365 days a year. Whether the pet lover in your life is currently a JAC client or would be new to the family, a gift certificate to JAC is like giving the gift of peace of mind to pet lovers AND their pets! To purchase a gift certificate email: [email protected]

Welcome mat from Locally, Yours in Plymouth, MA

Welcome mat from Locally, Yours

4.      “Embrace the Dog Hair It’s Everywhere” Welcome Mat from Locally, Yours

Okay, this is exactly the message I want to send as people enter my home! For two reasons, ONE it puts it all out there before they walk into the impressive amount of dog hair that is in my home (no matter home much I clean) so there are no surprises and TWO it is a mantra to live by! “Embrace the dog hair it’s everywhere” will have your pet loving friends laughing and smiling each time they enter their home or welcome guests into their lovely pet friendly abode. This adorable shop in Village Landing Marketplace, Locally Yours has gifts that will cover folks on your list well beyond pet lovers so be sure to check them out this holiday and shop local! Click here to visit their website.

Handmade stained-glass paw print ornaments from Made It! in Plymouth, MA

Handmade stained-glass paw print ornaments from Made It!

5.      Paw Print Ornament from Made It!

Everyone loves a beautiful ornament, and a locally handmade, stained glass ornament that represents a love of animals takes it to the next level. Available in numerous colors so you can represent every pet with their very own ornament. Give something with a little sentimental value this holiday and add that special touch to your friends’ Christmas display with one of these gorgeous stained-glass paw prints. Made It! is a locally owned shop on the waterfront in Plymouth, MA. They are a hub for all things artistic and local, selling one-of-a-kind pieces from over 100 U.S. based artists. Another must see shop for your holiday gift buying right here in Plymouth! Click HERE to learn more about Made It!.

Love paw print tote from Sea Bags located on the Plymouth Waterfront

Love paw print tote from Sea Bags

6.      LOVE (paw print) tote from Sea Bags

Sea Bags makes and sells handcrafted totes and accessories made from recycled sails out of Portland, ME. Their shop can now be found right here in Plymouth in their new location on the gorgeous Plymouth Waterfront. Every pet parent needs a durable tote bag so why not give them one that represents their love of animals with this LOVE paw print design. Sea Bags offers a variety of other sizes and styles from nautical to seasonal themes. Another shop that just might be able to check off more than the pet lovers on your list! Check out their products HERE!

Santa Paws wooden sign from Rustic Marlin

Santa Paws wooden sign from Rustic Marlin

7.      Santa Paws Sign from Rustic Marlin

The Rustic Marlin is a locally owned and operated business on the South Shore that specializes in rustic décor. They are most famous for their unique wooden signs for pretty much any occasion, location, or style you could think of. Their Santa Paws sign with hanging twine is the perfect gift for the dog lovers in your life. At 6”x11” it’s a great size to hang on the front door or even over the doghouse.  Who doesn’t love festive dog centered décor?! If you want something that can stay on display year-round consider their Love Paw Print sign or Dog American Flag. They offer a customizable option as well but if you are hoping to get something specially made and under the tree for Christmas time is running out! Not to worry, there are always birthdays, anniversaries, and even next year for that option. To view all the awesome products Rustic Marlin has to offer click here.

Pet Supplies Plus Gift Card in Plymouth, MA

Pet Supplies Plus Gift Card

8.      Pet Supplies Plus Gift Card

Sometimes you just get lucky and find a shop that has too many pawesome gifts that you can’t possibly choose just one! Pet Supplies Plus, located off exit 6 in Plymouth, has everything a pet owner could ever need and so much more. This is THE stop to make if your pet loving pal has an affinity for more uncommon pets such as fish, birds, bunnies, reptiles, etc. With such a variety to choose from we recommend a gift card to this locally owned franchise. Shop online or in store. Click here to find out more about what Pet Supplies Plus has to offer.

Max & Molly Matrix Ultra LED for dog collars. Can be purchased at Papa's Pets Supply in Manomet, MA

Max & Molly Matrix Ultra LED for dog collars. Purchase at Papa’s Pets Supply

9.      Max & Molly Matrix Ultra LED at Papa’s Pets Supply

Papa’s Pet Supply is stocked full of items any pet lover would die for, but the Max & Molly Matrix Ultra LED is a product that goes above and beyond a dog owner dreams! This is an LED light is for your dog’s collar. It is waterproof, USB charged, and the light lasts for up to 13 hours! If (God forbid) your dog gets loose this bright light could be their saving grace. Here in New England the short days come quick, using the Matrix Ultra LED will ensure visibility as dog owners and their pups go for an evening stroll in complete darkness. It is basically the coolest thing ever! ANY gift bought from Papa’s Pets Supply Store is a gift that gives back! 100% of store profits go directly to funding their in-house animal shelter, which makes this a double whammy — a gift, and giving back to the community rolled into one! You can also donate to them directly. Learn more about Papa’s Pets Supply and their animal shelter here.

Donate sign with red heart

10. DONATE to a local shelter

If you are looking to give a gift that will have an impact going far beyond a present on Christmas consider making a donation to a local shelter in the name of the pet lover on your list this year. 2020 has been hard for us humans but it has not been easy for the millions of homeless pets in America either. Your donation could mean meals for starving animals, a second chance at life for some, a safe and warm place to sleep for others. Consider a donation to Friends of the Plymouth Pound,  to Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter or to Papa’s Pets right here in Plymouth. If you are really hoping to knock it out of the park with your gift this is the way to do it. A thoughtful gesture like this would bring any pet lover to tears of joy, so make your donation today.

There you have it! 10 local gift ideas for the pet lovers in your life. Supporting local is more important than ever this holiday season. With every small business purchase, you are helping to keep a business’s door open, a dream alive, and put food on the table of a neighbor. Make the holidays merry and bright for businesses in your town and choose to shop small for everyone on your list.

Ensure that your pets are taken care of this holiday season with Just Around the Corner. Just Around the Corner offers pet care of all kinds, including daily Dog Walking , Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!

5 Easy Ways to Help a Local Animal Shelter

5 Easy Ways to Help a Local Animal Shelter

Have you ever helped an animal shelter in your area? Maybe you have thought about it but volunteering, adopting, and fostering are not feasible for you right now. Not to worry! We have come up with 5 ways, no matter your circumstances, that every single person can help a local animal shelter without breaking the bank, taking up an enormous amount of time or requiring a long-term commitment!  These 5 simple things will allow you to support a shelter near you, keep the spirits up of both the animals and the workers, and see that these more than deserving pets receive the care and love they deserve! Download our 5 Ways to Help a Shelter infographic to share with friends and get the word out about how they can help.

1. Do your part at home

You can make a positive impact on your local shelter by taking proper care and precautions with your own pets at home! Make sure your dog or cat is always properly outfitted with collars and identification (ID tags/microchipping) to keep pets who have loving homes out of shelters. It is crucial to give room for the animals who truly need a haven. Having your pet spayed or neutered is also a key component to avoiding overrun shelters. The more manageable the number of pets at a shelter the better care the animals will receive and ultimately aid them in becoming adopted into their forever home.  Do your part at home, and feel good knowing you are helping local shelters while doing it!

tabby cat with ID tag and collar

2. Give household items

There are things right under your nose at home that would make any shelter feel like it is Christmas morning!

  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies is something they can never have enough of. Think about how much you use it with your pets at home, accidents in the house, muddy paws, slobbery licks on whatever they can get their mouths on, while always worth it of course, the list of messy clean ups could go on forever.
  • Towels and blankets are another thing that our furry friends could always use more of. For safety and health reasons the types of crates and containment spaces shelters use can be cold and uninviting. A towel or blanket that has sat at the back of your closet for years could become the comfort an animal needs to keep their spirits up.

3. Engage their Social Media

Yep, love it or hate it, you can help a shelter in a BIG way just by engaging their social platforms. Social media has a HUGE impact on people, communities, and businesses. Find your local shelter’s Facebook page, Instagram handle, or even their website and ENGAGE! Especially in the world we are living today, COVID-19, Social Media  is one of the best ways a shelter can get information out about animals up for adoption, their greatest needs, and volunteer opportunities. By simply “liking” their page or sharing a post you can help them firsthand reach hundreds and even thousands of people in the community that they otherwise would never be able to reach on their own. Even sharing the link to this blog will help to get the word out to other who will take up the case and start doing their part. Never underestimate the power of social media and your actions taken on it. Your engagement could mean a forever home for a well deserving dog or cat.

Are you local to Plymouth, MA? Here are social media links to shelters here in Plymouth:

Helping Hands for Plymouth Animal Shelter

Friends of Plymouth Pound

Papa’s Pets

woman using facebook and engaging in social media

4. Donate pet food

Pet food is one of the greatest costs that shelters face daily. Before plotting your pet food donation call your local animal shelter to find out what they are currently feeding the animals. It is important to provide the same food they already use to avoid any allergies, dietary restrictions or upset tummies. Generally, the food they provide is inexpensive due to the volume of feeding. So, if you have the means, why not throw in an additional bag of food to your Chewy cart. Have it delivered to your doorstep hassle free and help a shelter breathe a little easier with your generous donation! If you are in Plymouth, MA consider a donation to America’s Hometown Pets in Need.

5. Toys & Fun

Can you image being an animal sitting in a shelter just waiting for your life to truly begin? Toys, treats, and other fun things to play with and chew on will go an exceptionally long way for a lonely animal anxiously awaiting their forever family to arrive. These are things you can toss in your Chewy cart (if you can’t tell we are big Chewy fans! But there are other ways to purchase as well, of course). Sticking to a specific budget? The Dollar Tree has an entire section devoted to pets! While I cannot vouch for the poop bags they sell (professional tip, do not buy poop bags from the Dollar Tree, you will wind up with a palm full of poop) they have excellent toys, treats and other exciting items for pets! Again, always find out what the shelters greatest needs are, for instance they may need cat toys more than dog toys or treats would be better than toys. Give them a call to ensure your giving gesture will be as helpful as it is kind and then load up on fun!

shelter volunteer holding adorable pug dog

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Every year the first full week of November is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. 365 days a year, shelters across the nation take on the tireless job of bridging the gap between stray pets and finding their forever homes. Did you know there are a staggering 70,000 million stray animals in the United States? WOW! The work our local shelters do is not easy or cheap, but we may not all be able to help in the ways we wish we could. Volunteering can be inconvenient and even heartbreaking, not everyone has the means to adopt or house an animal as a foster parent, and money doesn’t grow on trees. Start by making sure your own pets are spayed/neutered and always have proper identification. Donate household items you don’t use anymore and when you are on social media take a moment to support a shelters page. Then budget in a small food and toy donation to ease some of the shelters financial burden. Voila! You have made a positive impact that will set the ripples in motion for others to do the same. So instead of settling for a sweet “Thank You” let’s also strive to do more. Try out these 5 easy ways to help a local animal shelter and let us know how it goes. Share your experience in our comments to inspire others to do the same!

Just Around the Corner offers pet care of all kinds, including daily Dog Walking , Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!

JAC Mascot Quinn, brown Newfie

JAC mascot, Quinn, says Thanks for Reading!



Preventing Pet Halloween Hazards

Preventing Pet Halloween Hazards

Halloween is a festive and fun holiday but for our pets it can be a dangerous and often scary one. The loud noises, spooky costumes, constant opening and closing of the door, and a plethora of harmful candy everywhere make for one hazardous holiday for our furry friends. Prevention is the key to giving our pets a truly Happy Halloween! Please remember that Halloween is not a typical day for your pet. Even if they stay home and inside the same way they do every day/night Halloween will undoubtedly bring something new and unexpected right to your doorstep. Create a plan and be aware of the-potential hazards of Halloween for your pet. Did you know black animals have a special part to play in this holiday? We are sharing  fun facts about our shadowy friends and their place around the world!

Ding Dong

Knock knocks and ding dongs are frequent sounds of an exciting Halloween. The flow of Halloweeners may be a little slower this year due to COVID-19 but you can probably guarantee at least one or two trick-or-treaters. Even if your dog or cat is usually great with visitors, the ghosts, goblins, cat woman, and possibly the president are sure to catch your fur baby by surprise. Keep your pet safely secured in their crate or in a bedroom towards the back of the house where they can remain calm and cozy on your bed. Give your pet their favorite treats or bone and make their space special this All Hallow’s Eve to help them stay calm and content.

dog in ghost costume with small pumpkin treat bag

Dog in ghost Halloween costume.


Dressing up your pet this Halloween? There is nothing cuter than a dog or cat in an adorable costume but there are a few things to be aware of when dressing your fur baby.

  • Make sure the costume does not impair your pet’s ability to see, breath, move or hear. With all the excitement of Halloween night it is important that our pets can function at their best to avoid any added anxiety or confusion.
  • Don’t forget to check the costume for hardware such as buttons or closures as well as loose strings or pieces they can swallow. Avoid an emergency trip to the vet by double checking your fur baby’s costume both on and off before the festivities begin.
  • Costumes on pets are not a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. With all the movement our pets make things can shift and become dangerous quickly. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your pet throughout the time they are in costume to ensure their safety all Halloween long.


Planning to bring Fido with you trick-or-treating? Whether your pet has the best costume ever or they rock their usual fur coat, safety is key to making your pet’s trick-or-treating experience a positive one with a happy ending (home safe and sound). Here are a few tips for pet safety while out and about:

  • Always keep your pet’s ID tags on them. Even if Fluffy’s collar doesn’t match her costume keep it on for her safety.
  • The most well-behaved dogs can still be frightened by Freddy Krueger or Cat Woman and decide to run off, making it extra important that they wear a proper fitting harness and have a sturdy leash. Halloween is sensory overload for humans and animals alike. Stay aware of your surroundings as candy buckets will be everywhere. Bring a few Pumpkin Spice Pet Snacks to offer your pet as a distraction throughout their trick-or-treating experience.
  • Last, but certainly not least, you know how your parents always checked your candy before you could eat it?! Do the same for your pet! If a house offers them a treat don’t be afraid to ask about brand, ingredients, or anything else that is important to know when it comes to your pet and their diet. Happy trick-or-treating!

Click Here to download our FREE Preventing Halloween Pet Hazards infographic to share with your pet loving friends!

Pet-Friendly Homemade No Bake Pumpkin Spice Pet Snacks.

Pet-Friendly Homemade No Bake Pumpkin Spice Pet Snacks.

Chocolate, Candy, and Glow Sticks…OH MY

The hazards of choking and possibility of poison ingestion is real but avoidable! Always keep the candy buckets/bags out of reach of your pet. If your cat loves to jump on the table or countertop place the candy in a closed cabinet or closet. Glow sticks are probably the coolest thing your pet has ever seen and will undoubtedly get their attention. Unfortunately, if they chew on the stick they can ingest harmful material. Keep glow sticks and other intriguing, potentially hazardous, objects out of reach of pets. Likewise, if you choose to light candles keep them out of reach of your dog and cat. The last thing you want is an emergency visit to the vet because Sabrina’s tail caught on fire! To offset the things they don’t get to enjoy on Halloween have special treats of their very own on hand. They can experience the joy of Halloween just like you and the kiddos with delicious homemade pet-friendly treats. Want a yummy fall recipe your pet will love? Try our Pumpkin Spice Pet Snacks recipe. Pet satisfaction guaranteed!

The truth about black cats

Once upon a time black cats were considered bad luck, a curse to anyone who encountered them, and were strongly associated with witchcraft. These formerly distrusted animals are now a popular legend and staple for Halloween décor all over the world. Black cats and Halloween go hand in hand but not in the unnerving way they once did. According to the ASPCA, the United States Humane Society, and many others, the long running concern that black cats are used for satanic practices and ritual sacrifices on and around Halloween are in fact a myth. Old beliefs die hard and this one is no exception, but spreading the truth about black cats can help to mold a brighter future for our shadowy friends.

Interesting fact: Black animal features tend to blend into the background in photos, making them hard to distinguish. This is actually a big reason why black cats and dogs are adopted at a lower rate. Especially now, with COVID-19, pets are being adopted from shelters and adoption centers based on little personal interaction and lots of photo/video to potential new fur parents. Hard truth, but not showing well in pictures can be a death sentence for so many precious black animals. The reality is black cats are just as loveable and offer the same joy to one’s life as the next colorful kitty. Now more than ever it is important to spread the truth about black cats. Consider adopting a black cat or encouraging a friend to go black if they are looking for a new feline addition to their family. Together we can make a big difference for black cats everywhere.

Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting cat client enjoying some TLC.

Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting cat client enjoying some TLC.

Fun Facts About Black Cats

  • Worldwide there are dozens of countries that view black cats as good luck.
  • Ancient Egyptians worshiped black cats!
  • Japan considers black cats good luck, especially single ladies as they are believed to attract potential suiters.
  • The Russians say ALL cats are lucky! (Amen!)
  • Scotland: a stray black cat arriving at your door signifies prosperity!
  • For hundreds of years sailors have believed that black cats bring good luck to their vessel and ensure safe travel.
  • Black Cat appreciation day is August 17th
  • National Black Cat Day is October 27th

Looking to adopt a black cat of your own? Some shelters place a hold on the adoption of black cats this time of year to avoid any harm that may come to them around Halloween based on the history we mentioned earlier. Old beliefs die hard, remember? Please remain patient and do not get discouraged if you are required to wait a few weeks before taking your mysterious kitty home. This is an effort to protect the legendary black cats in their care.

Got Halloween Plans?

Do you have Halloween plans that don’t include your pet? Do you wish you did but feel guilty or anxious about leaving your beloved fur baby home alone? Maybe you aren’t into Halloween at all but would love to plan a fall adventure if only you had someone to take care of Fido and Fluffy. Just Around the Corner is here to help! We offer customizable scheduling to best fit you and your pet’s needs. With every visit JAC provides love, affection and even adventure for your furry family members We may not be mom or dad to them, but we certainly care for them like our own. Get out there and enjoy this fabulous time of year and leave the pet care to the professionals. Book a meet and greet today! Call or text 508-245-1389

Just Around the Corner offers pet care of all kinds, including daily Dog Walking , Dog Hiking, and Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA. To learn more about how Just Around the Corner can help, check out our Services Page. You can also Contact Us for more information. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!


Simple Guide to Adopting a Cat

Simple Guide to Adopting a Cat

Considering adopting a cat? There are many things to consider before bringing a furry feline into your home. Making it a smooth transition for the cat from the shelter to your home will set the tone for your future life together. This guide breaks down exactly what to consider before adopting. Already know adopting is definitely for you? Look no further, here we share the best ways to integrate a cat into your home!

Before you adopt

Evaluate your lifestyle

Before adopting a cat consider your lifestyle. Of course a precious fluffy kitty seems idyllic, but you must be honest with yourself to be sure you are ready for a lifetime commitment to a cat. What does it mean to evaluate my lifestyle you ask?  Start with asking yourself these simple questions.

  • Do I spend a lot of time away?
  • Do I have other pets? If so, do they get along with other animals?
  • Are there children in the home?
  • Does anyone in the home have cat allergies?
  • Am I able to take on the financial impact of owning a cat?

Answering these questions honestly will let you know if you are ready to move on to the next step!

Understand the commitment you are making

Adoption is for life.  It is crucial to understand that in making the choice to adopt a cat into your home has a furrever impact on the cat.  Being shuffled back and forth between homes and shelters is extremely taxing on an animal. Pets feel stress the same way humans do and being moved around multiple times leaves a lasting impact on an animal. Always remember Adoption is for Life.

Do your research

Research the shelter you are adopting from.  While most town/city shelters are reputable it doesn’t hurt to do a quick Google search for reviews and other information such as background and mission when it comes to pet adoptions. The more you know, the better equipped you will be when making this life changing decision. We suggest Adoption of a shelter cat rather than purchasing a cat from a breeder because every year over a million cats end up in shelters in need of a loving forever home. Be part of the solution.

Know the best fit for you

Know the type of personality you are looking for in a cat.  If you work long hours adopting a more independent cat might be the way to go.  Are you the laid back snuggling type?  Consider a cat who will be easy going and enjoys affection. Cats have personalities just like people! Decide what characteristics will be the best fit for your life and find the cat that suits you.  This will ensure a long lasting and enjoyable relationship for everyone.

Bringing your cat home

Choose a Vet

Plan ahead by choosing a vet that you know and trust. If you have never owned a cat ask your cat owning friends who they use. It is a good idea to get multiple recommendations and compare. Of course you can always do a good ol’ Google search and research Veterinarians in your area, read reviews, and make an educated decision on where to take your fur baby. Once you get the health records from your shelter it is a good idea to book your cat’s first check up ahead of time.  Many vets are extremely busy these days and it will be one less thing to think about after you bring your kitty home.

Cat Proof your home

Cats are curious, agile and smart so get ready! Become aware of the things that can pose as a potential danger to your cat. It may take a little bit to get used to but once you are aware of the items to keep an eye out for it will become habitual. Some things to look out for:

  • human food left out on the counter
  • small choke hazard items such as paper clips or tacks
  • electrical cords they may be playing with or chewing on.

Keep a close eye out for what they are playing with in the first month and arrange items in your home accordingly.

Stock up on supplies

You might be surprised by how many items your cat will need to feel comfortable and confident in their new home. Stock up on essentials such as food and litter, as well as treats, toys, and grooming items.  Download our  “Cat Supply Checklist” for a full list of items you will need as a new cat mom or dad.

Give love, patience and space

Last but certainly not least, LOVE, PATIENCE, and SPACE are three keystones for a happy, healthy, cat/cat owner life. Your cat may take several weeks to fully adjust to their new environment.  Exercising patience as they learn the “house rules” e.g using the litter box, not jumping on the counter, not chewing your shoes, will encourage them to behave appropriately. They may also need “alone time” in a designated space such as their sleeping quarters. It is important to allow them time to explore independently in their new home as it will build their confidence in their new environment and in you as their pet parent. Always remember Love, Patience, & Space.

Adopting a cat is a beautiful thing! Using this simple guide will ensure you and your new fur baby will have a long, happy, well-adjusted life together.


Have a cat adoption story?  We would love to hear it!  Share with us in the comments.


The Mr. Mo Project

The Mr. Mo Project

The late, great Mr. Moses, or Mr. Mo, as his owners affectionately called him, was considered a family member to Chris & Mariesa Hughes. To honor the life of their beloved dog, they created a non-profit group, called The Mr. Mo Project. It is very common for senior shelter dogs to be overlooked by adopters. So, the Hughes family thought it was important to help save these dogs.

Mr. Mo Project sponsors include:

  • Barkbox
  • Bensons Pet Center
  • HooplaHa
  • Bullinacollarshop
  • Life in the dog house
  • Nassau Vet Clinic
  • Backyard Fence
  • Pilots N Paws
  • Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
  • Shawna’s Dogs
  • Assisi Loop Circle of Care

Thanks to the support from these generous partners, the project is able to offer assistance to those who adopt senior shelter dogs. Some of these benefits include free hospital visits, discounts on other medical needs, training and dog food. The sponsors who work with the project really believe in what they are doing and think it is important that all senior dogs get the love and care they deserve. By doing this, the project feels they are making senior dogs more adoptable by assisting with the expenses associated with caring for them. (www.mrmoproject.com)

In addition to the benefits you could receive through the Mr. Mo Project, here are some more reasons you should consider adopting an older dog:

  • You get a dog that is most likely at their full grown size
  • They are easier to train because they are more calm than younger dogs
  • They are very loving
  • They tend to be more independent and don’t require constant attention
  • They become part of your family rather quickly
  • An older dog is usually potty trained
  • Older dogs are not high energy and are usually very easy going
  • You could save a dog’s life by rescuing them from a shelter

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, older dogs are often the last to be adopted in shelters. Or they never get adopted and are the first to be euthanized. (www.aspca.org)

What age constitutes senior dog status, anyway? Well, most dogs fall into the senior category about the age of 7. It also depends on size. Smaller breeds become seniors a little later in life. To many adopters, these dogs are considered “old”. But, this isn’t true. If dogs are well cared for, they can remain active and puppy-like far into their senior years. (www.srdogs.com)

If you have a senior dog and are considering taking him to a shelter because of the high cost of medical bills, you may be able to get assistance from the project. In most cases they would rather help than see another senior dog go into a shelter for the rest of his life or worse, put down.

The Mr. Mo Project also helps senior shelter dogs at risk for euthanasia. The project will remove the dog from the shelter, pay for medical bills for the rest of their lives, and transport them anywhere to make sure they find a good, permanent home. (www.mrmoproject.com)

You can check out, Life in the Dog House on YouTube. It’s a HooplaHa.com online reality series that features Mr. Mo and his family. Portions of the proceeds from advertising are donated to the project. Any money that comes into the Mo Project goes directly into a fund to cover veterinary costs and all other costs associated with rescuing these dogs.

Uniting Shelter Dogs With Military Heros

Have you heard of Stiggy’s Dogs?

Dog lovers such as ourselves know that our dogs provide so much to us.  I think we can agree that taking a dog into our family improves our overall health.  But did you know that, now more than ever, Veterans of war suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury are being paired up with rescue dogs? Yes, it’s true.  Shelter dogs, many that were slated for euthanasia, are bringing hope and healing to our Veterans.  One such organization that unites shelter dogs and veterans is Stiggy’s Dogs.

Why? Many say that service dogs are an alternative form of treatment and it’s true.  According to studies referenced by Stiggy’s Dogs, 82 percent of veterans that had the opportunity to work with a service dog showed a decrease or improvement in their overall symptoms.  This included a decrease in the need for prescription medications in 40 percent of those studied.  Fantastic, isn’t it? We think so too!

What’s cool about Stiggy’s Dogs? Well, each dog is individually trained for the veteran he’s being paired up with.  In fact, he’s trained right alongside the veteran once they are matched.  Additionally, the pairing is done at no cost to the veteran.  Win-Win! Well then, who is Stiggy? Stiggy’s Dogs was founded by Jennifer Petre in memory of her nephew, Benjamin Phillip Castiglione “Doc Stiggy”.  Doc Stiggy gave his life while serving in Afghanistan.  Doc Stiggy is remembered by his marines as determined, professional and witty.  However, his family remembers him as caring and loving towards his family and dogs.  Jennifer Petre says “I am proud to honor Ben and determined to carry on his legacy of helping others through Stiggy’s Dogs.”

Would you like to learn more about Stiggy’s Dogs? Their website provides a wealth of information.  Spread the word about this amazing organization.  You never know who might be in need of an amazing rescued, service dog.

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