The late, great Mr. Moses, or Mr. Mo, as his owners affectionately called him, was considered a family member to Chris & Mariesa Hughes. To honor the life of their beloved dog, they created a non-profit group, called The Mr. Mo Project. It is very common for senior shelter dogs to be overlooked by adopters. So, the Hughes family thought it was important to help save these dogs.

Mr. Mo Project sponsors include:

  • Barkbox
  • Bensons Pet Center
  • HooplaHa
  • Bullinacollarshop
  • Life in the dog house
  • Nassau Vet Clinic
  • Backyard Fence
  • Pilots N Paws
  • Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
  • Shawna’s Dogs
  • Assisi Loop Circle of Care

Thanks to the support from these generous partners, the project is able to offer assistance to those who adopt senior shelter dogs. Some of these benefits include free hospital visits, discounts on other medical needs, training and dog food. The sponsors who work with the project really believe in what they are doing and think it is important that all senior dogs get the love and care they deserve. By doing this, the project feels they are making senior dogs more adoptable by assisting with the expenses associated with caring for them. (

In addition to the benefits you could receive through the Mr. Mo Project, here are some more reasons you should consider adopting an older dog:

  • You get a dog that is most likely at their full grown size
  • They are easier to train because they are more calm than younger dogs
  • They are very loving
  • They tend to be more independent and don’t require constant attention
  • They become part of your family rather quickly
  • An older dog is usually potty trained
  • Older dogs are not high energy and are usually very easy going
  • You could save a dog’s life by rescuing them from a shelter

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, older dogs are often the last to be adopted in shelters. Or they never get adopted and are the first to be euthanized. (

What age constitutes senior dog status, anyway? Well, most dogs fall into the senior category about the age of 7. It also depends on size. Smaller breeds become seniors a little later in life. To many adopters, these dogs are considered “old”. But, this isn’t true. If dogs are well cared for, they can remain active and puppy-like far into their senior years. (

If you have a senior dog and are considering taking him to a shelter because of the high cost of medical bills, you may be able to get assistance from the project. In most cases they would rather help than see another senior dog go into a shelter for the rest of his life or worse, put down.

The Mr. Mo Project also helps senior shelter dogs at risk for euthanasia. The project will remove the dog from the shelter, pay for medical bills for the rest of their lives, and transport them anywhere to make sure they find a good, permanent home. (

You can check out, Life in the Dog House on YouTube. It’s a online reality series that features Mr. Mo and his family. Portions of the proceeds from advertising are donated to the project. Any money that comes into the Mo Project goes directly into a fund to cover veterinary costs and all other costs associated with rescuing these dogs.