Have you heard of Stiggy’s Dogs?

Dog lovers such as ourselves know that our dogs provide so much to us.  I think we can agree that taking a dog into our family improves our overall health.  But did you know that, now more than ever, Veterans of war suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury are being paired up with rescue dogs? Yes, it’s true.  Shelter dogs, many that were slated for euthanasia, are bringing hope and healing to our Veterans.  One such organization that unites shelter dogs and veterans is Stiggy’s Dogs.

Why? Many say that service dogs are an alternative form of treatment and it’s true.  According to studies referenced by Stiggy’s Dogs, 82 percent of veterans that had the opportunity to work with a service dog showed a decrease or improvement in their overall symptoms.  This included a decrease in the need for prescription medications in 40 percent of those studied.  Fantastic, isn’t it? We think so too!

What’s cool about Stiggy’s Dogs? Well, each dog is individually trained for the veteran he’s being paired up with.  In fact, he’s trained right alongside the veteran once they are matched.  Additionally, the pairing is done at no cost to the veteran.  Win-Win! Well then, who is Stiggy? Stiggy’s Dogs was founded by Jennifer Petre in memory of her nephew, Benjamin Phillip Castiglione “Doc Stiggy”.  Doc Stiggy gave his life while serving in Afghanistan.  Doc Stiggy is remembered by his marines as determined, professional and witty.  However, his family remembers him as caring and loving towards his family and dogs.  Jennifer Petre says “I am proud to honor Ben and determined to carry on his legacy of helping others through Stiggy’s Dogs.”

Would you like to learn more about Stiggy’s Dogs? Their website provides a wealth of information.  Spread the word about this amazing organization.  You never know who might be in need of an amazing rescued, service dog.

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